CNC Machining and Accu-Lube

Attached are links to videos of CNC machines using Accu-Lube for a near dry machining solution on CNC mills such as Fadal and Haas and for multi axis machining centers. The films show the advantages of using Accu-Lube for lubricating the tools over typical flood coolants such as being able to see the parts being machined, higher feed rates, better finishes and longer tool life. In addition to this less power is used if the coolant pump is not engaged and you will get more money for your chips if they are clean and dry. The SpiderCool system is a programmable nozzle that automatically aims the Accu-Lube lubricant jet at the cutting edge of every tool, regardless of length, loaded into the spindle of any vertical or horizontal machining center by the tool changer.

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Accu-Lube SpiderCool demonstration

Near Dry Machining demonstration

Watch this five axis machine cut through this massive part with absolutely no flood coolant only

Micro Machining

This tiny little end mill removes metal without the need for flood coolant, only Accu-Lube Near Dry Machining Solution.

Accu-Lube Mini-booster

This Video Demonstrates the Accu-Lube Mini-booster used with Mircona special tooling system designed for MQL turning

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