Accu-Lube Frequency Generators

Frequency Generators

Frequency Generator
Part # 9707

This pneumatic
device converts the steady stream of air to controlled timed burst of
air used to stroke the pump in the lubricating system.  Complete with a
base plate for mounting and hookup.

Frequency Generator Only
Part # 9460

If you are replacing the frequency generator on your system or on the
Junior style applicator then no base plate is needed. Easy to install
with two simple screws in the front for connecting to base plate or
Junior Bracket.

Base Plate for Frequency
Part # 9461

The base plate is used to connect the hoses to the frequency
generator. Connect the main air supply to the middle port (2) on the
back of the base plate of the frequency generator. Connect the cycled
air from port (3) of the base plate to the pump(s).

Bladder Repair Kit
for Frequency Generator Part # 9046

Dirty or oily
compressed air can damage the frequency generator.  If your applicator
no longer pumps or pumps extremely fast the problem can usually be fixed
by replacing the bladders included in the repair kit into your frequency

To prevent the
problem from re-occurring it is recommended that you add a coalescing
filter to remove oil from the air supply and a particle filter to remove

Diagram below
shows where the bladders are replaced.

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