Accu-Lube Style Pumps

Accu-Lube Style Pumps

Accu-Lube Pump Assemblies are
modular in design. A unique top pump attaches to the top plate and the
center bottom feed pumps is attached to the top pump with an adapter
kit.  Stack up to 8 pumps, or up to 12 pumps with special feed pump
at station 6.


A 9601

Top Plate
for Accu-Lube Pump

B 9491

Top Single
Feed Accu-Lube Pump

C 9489 Adapter Kit w O-Rings
D 9492 Center Bottom Feed Accu-Lube Pump
E 9493A Air Flow Valve
Bottom Fittings

A 9343 Quick Release 1/4” x 1/8” NPT
B 9487 Plug
C 9344 Quick Release 5/32” x 1/8” NPT
Outlet Barb Fitting and Seals

  309040 Barbed Outlet Kit
1 9496 Barbed Outlet Fitting
2 9490A O-Ring for Oil Line, (1/8" I.D. x .070 W)
3 9474 O-Ring Barb Seal. (7/16" I.D. x .070 W)

Output End for Accu-Lube Pump 1/8"NPT FM, 
Part # 9391

This output end ins tapped to 1/8"NPT to accept
push lock fittings. 

Oil Only Output End for Accu-Lube Pump

When the pump is used as an oil only pump there is no need for a hose
barb so this output end will hold the oil line in place.  Use
the o-rings from the barb assembly that comes with the pump.

Maximum Air Flow Plug. Part# 9446

Eliminate the air flow valve and ensure maximum air flow on the
Accu-Lube pump.

Top Plate Assembly


Top Plate
for Accu-Lube Pump

  9488 O-Ring
  9435 Cap Screws

Aluminum Pump Seal Kit

9668 Seal and Spring Kit
9065 Seal and Spring Kit with S.S. Piston

Note: the pump repair kit is only compatible
with Accu-Lube pumps identified by a ratchet clip on the back
side of the aluminum knurled oil adjustment stem. Pumps built
prior to this are not serviceable.

More information and installation instructions click here.

Pump Stack Assemblies

All pump stack assemblies include 15 feet of oil line attached which is
standard for 12 foot air/oil hose assemblies. 


9722A Pump Aluminum 1 Stack Complete Assembly
9722B Pump Aluminum 2 Stack Complete Assembly
9722C Pump Aluminum 3 Stack Complete Assembly
9722D Pump Aluminum 4 Stack Complete Assembly
9722E Pump Aluminum 5 Stack Complete Assembly
9722F Pump Aluminum 6 Stack Complete Assembly
9722G Pump Aluminum 7 Stack Complete Assembly
9722H Pump Aluminum 8 Stack Complete Assembly