SituationThe lubricant drains
out the reservoir when the system is turned off.

 The lubricant is held in the capillary oil tube by a check
seal that closes one end of the tube at the pump, (see photo above). 
We all learned how to do this when we were kids and we held our
finger on the end of a straw and lifted the soda out of the glass

When the oil adjustment dial is turned all the way clockwise it pushes
the seal opening the pathway for the lubricant to drain, (see the photo
to the left). 

To fix the problem simply turn the dial counterclockwise to the 0
mark.  This is referred to as the start point which has been
calibrated at the factory.  When the dial is set at this start point or
zero point the pump will not
displace or push any lubricant while being cycled.  Continue to turn the
dial counterclockwise, up to two full rotations to adjust the pump for
more lubricant per stoke, this is considered the operating range. 
It is not recommended that the pump be operated beyond the second
rotation except for priming purposes.