Accu-Lube with Abrasives

Accu-Lube with Abrasives

Abrasives and Accu-Lube work very well together. The methods of application and use of Accu-Lube do not relate to many common practices with abrasives and require some different approaches. Normally we apply waxes or belt dressings in order to retard loading or coolants to carry away heat. Accu-Lube actually works with the abrasive grain, (cutting tool), reducing the forces to the point that not enough heat is generated to weld a chip ever in low welding materials such as zinc.

The major consideration in the use of Accu-Lube with abrasives is in understanding the need for care in the amount that is applied. Over-application can erase all benefits. Excessive amounts of lubricant on drills or saws or other tools that produce larger chips is merely wasteful because the heavier chips can carry away the excess. The micro chips produced with abrasives are light enough to be retained loosely on the surface of the belt or wheel by the surface adhering properties of Accu-Lube
(applied to carbide saw blades running at 15,000 SFM it doesn’t “throw-off’ the teeth). Chips retained loosely on the surface will interfere with the cut and generate heat. One molecular coat of Accu-Lube on an abrasive application will last for thousands of revolutions, Too much will do the opposite.

As an example

A major cutlery manufacturer using 220 grit belts applies solid Accu-Lube twice a day – on a new belt in the morning and a re-application at noon.

RESULTdoubled the belt life

Example 2:
On regrinding carbide wheel cutter at major auto manufacturer with heavy removal rate, the tool grinder identified 25 minutes of effectiveness from one application of solid Accu-Lube

With that background we can now consider specific applications.

Abrasive Belts and Discs.

As a general rule, Accu-Lube will double belt life or belter, but the potential benefits extend beyond belt life. By reducing the cutting forces, the abrasive actually cuts faster and often increases production. The lubricant also alters the scratch pattern. The abrasive penetrates better producing a sharper, deeper scratch. In many materials equal cut times are developed with grits one or two grades finer, another savings, Accu-Lube’ reduces loading of gummy materials such as aluminum or stainless so well that we often demonstrate on a discarded belt. It will actually unload and work well again. This is also true with 7” and 9” type “C and “D” discs.

Application of Accu-Lube to the belt or disc will vary with the operation. Using the solid form like a crayon we suggest an ‘X” be drawn on a disc. The solid form is very effective if lightly dressed on a belt. For heavy operations in a production mode we suggest the liquid Accu-Lube delivered to the belt with an Accu-Lube applicator model with a foot control or with a built in solenoid valve. The finer the grit, the less you use.


Unwoven Nylon Abrasive Wheels.

On these deburring and finishing products the results with Accu-Lube are very dramatic. The life of these products is multiplied and the cut is increased, increasing production — again use very little.

Grinding Wheels — Tool and Cutter.

Accu-Lube is very effective in tool and cutter grinding operations. A very light molecular coat on a cup wheel reduces heat generation, reduces wheel wear, improves finishes’ and eliminates burn. This is true on aluminum oxide or diamond wheels with either vitrified or resin bond. A light touch of solid Accu-Lube will last many thousand revolutions. With operations that have a dressing action on the wheel such as sharpening the faces on a pull type spline broach, we suggest a very light continuous coat of Accu-Lube delivered only with an Accu-Lube applicator. Nothing else will deliver the lubricant in small enough quantities — 1/10th to 2/10th ounce per shift for heavy grinding.


On other forms of grinding (surface, cylindrical, etc.), all of the same principles apply. Use very little of the form you like.


Design and engineering support is available for systems installations. Please consult us.

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