AFIL 2000 Precision Lubricator Detailed Information

What makes the AFIL series of applicators unique from the other

applicators in the Accu-Lube product line is the use of an air flow sensing valve. Now all AFIL applicators come with the high capacity flow valve.

Click here to view a video demonstration of the air flow valve

The way it works is a compressed air supply line is connected to the valve on the supply side and an air tool is connected to the other side. It only works in one direction so look at markings on the valve. Here the air supply is connected and ready for use.

When the air tool is triggered the flow of air opens the valve and directs some of the air out the third port while still supplying air to the air tool motor. This third port is then plumbed to the components of the applicator. This gives you an on and off control to the applicator when the air tool motor is triggered.

The AFIL series of applicators is a dual system which lubricates the cutting tool and the air tool motor with separate systems.

The cutting tool lubricant system is basically a standard Accu-Lube pump system. Accu-Lube lubricant is pumped from the reservoir into an internal capillary tube running inside the air hose. The lubricant is mixed with air at the end of the hose, or in an attached nozzle, giving an instant on and off supply of air and oil to the cutting tool.

The air tool motor lubricant system supplies air tool oil to the air tool motor. Since only a very small amount of air tool oil is required to lubricate the air tool motor a counter is attached to the brass pump which allows the pump to stroke only once to every ten strokes of the cutting tool lubrication system.

To Connect the Applicator:

1. Connect the air supply to the AFIL lubrication system.

2. Connect the lubricated air supply to the air motor. 

Note if you have the large aerospace style hose on your AFIL system it has a safety connector which must be twisted to the on position before use.

Click here to view a video demonstration on how to connect the applicator

3.  The cutting tool lubrication system hose may have a modified quick connector in either a mini or standard size.

Note if you attached your own connector be sure to modify it by taking out the hold back mechanism. The connector is only used to connect the hose to the drill bushing jig.