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Aircraft spar milling with Accu-Lube

Aircraft spar milling with Accu-Lube

Accu-Lube offers a complete line of natural-based lubricants along with specially developed, patented micro-lubrication systems. These products are non-toxic, environmentally compatible and can be applied to a variety of materials without fear of contamination or discoloration. As a result, the production process becomes more efficient, worker safety is increased, and the bottom line improved.

Natural-based Accu-Lube lubricants are formulated to provide superior performance, economy and safety compared to conventional water soluble coolants and cutting fluids. Accu-Lube standard applicators are available for most metalworking operations, and our applications engineers can design a custom micro-lubrication system for any application.

Benefits of Near-Dry Machining
  • Eliminates Flood Coolant
  • No Waste Disposal
  • Safer Working Conditions
  • Less Fluid Consumption
  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Cleaner Machine Operation
  • No Discoloration of Parts
  • Non Toxic
  • No Disposal Cost
  • Less Machine Maintenance

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Below are a few examples of Accu-Lube cutting operations

Accu-Lube for tube cutting

Tube cutting with Accu-Lube

Accu-Lube for plate sawing


Accu-Lube for band sawing

Accu-Lube horizontal bandsaw

Accu-Lube band saw nozzle


Accu-Lube for Circular Sawing


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CNC Machining with Accu-Lube