Accu-Lube 9878 Nozzle

9878 Nozzle for Circular Saw Blade, Angled with mount

This best selling nozzle has been redesigned for 2008 making it more compact
by moving the atomization chamber inside the nozzle body and eliminating the
connection tube.  The key to successful near dry circular sawing is to
lubricate the cutting face and the gullet of the saw blade. The angled nozzle
face allows for proper aiming and the internal atomization chamber ensures that
an even micro coat of lubricant will to be applied to the blade when fitted to
an Accu-Lube positive displacement pump applicator.  The included mounting
bracket, part number 309145, versatile design allows it to be face mounted on to
a blade guard or side mounted for open machine designs.  Three set screws
hold the nozzle securely in place.

Recommended for Circular saw blades up to 24″ diameter.

102 Oliver2


Key Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Increase Blade life
  • Dry Chips



Description SKU #
Circular Saw Blade Nozzle, Angled w Mount 9878
Single Pump Jr. Style Applicator with 9878 Nozzle kit 01D0-CIR
Electric Solenoid Valve (110 VAC) on/off Valve (1/4″ NPT) 9518