Companies Represented

Manufacturers Representatives

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ITW Probands

Accu-Lube cutting lubricant and dispenser systems. Rustlick water-soluble and synthetic coolant, lubricants and EDM fluids, SC 3000 coolant recycler, DaraClean cleaner

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General Industrial Repair

Specializing in repair and replacement parts for manufacturing equipment in all industries with an emphasis on the extrusion and forging industries. Emergency service and breakdown repairs. Engineering, design and fabrication to customer requirements.

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Condat Corp

Industrial lubricants for extrusion, forging, die casting and cold headforming, rust preventatives , maintenance lubricants and quenching oil

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Universal Saw Company

40 years of experience in Carbide tipped saw blades for cutting aluminum plate and extrusion. New blades, retipping, sharpening and rebuilding

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CTD Machine Company

Saws for aluminum and wood cutting.  Mitre, Double Mitre saws, Automatic saws, notching saws. Frame cutting saws. PLC controls

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IMS Laser Services Group

3D, 6 Axis laser cutting of tube and pipe to 11” diameter x 26’long, square and structural  materials to 8” square x 26’ long, weight capacity of 1100 pounds.

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Competitive Advantage

CRC Maintenance lubricants, aerosol lubricants, silicone sealants, adhesives, belt dressings, cleaning products, air tools, lapping compounds, Unibor portable mag drills and cutters, Carborundum abrasives. Milton air products

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Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable & Slings

Wire Rope, Chain and Nylon slings, Aircraft cable assemblies, cable fittings, turnbuckles, hooks, Bardon hooks for log lifting

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