Accu-Lube Electric Solenoids 100 Series

Electric Solenoids

100 Series 1/4″ NPT (for 1 & 2 nozzle
applicators) MAC Brand

Electric Solenoid (110 VAC) on/off Valve

(1/4″ NPT) w 1/4″ male run “T”

This complete assembly includes all the parts you will need to convert your one or two nozzle manually controlled applicator to an electrically controlled solenoid applicator. Since the male run “T” and the 1/4” NPT nipple are already attached there is less change of the solenoid being installed backwards. Part# 9711

Electric Solenoids, 100 Series 1/4” NPT

Electric on/off air flow control valve. Install in-line of any 1/4” compressed air supply and automate the on/off function by energizing
with electricity. Replacement for an Accu-Lube single or double nozzle
applicator or use to automate the air supply to a Junior style applicator. Also used to automate the flow to an external air blow off nozzle for removing chips from the work area. Available in three voltage configurations.

9516 Electric Solenoid (24 VDC) on/off Valve (1/4” NPT)
9518 Electric Solenoid (110 VAC) on/off Valve (1/4” NPT)
9522 Electric Solenoid (220 VAC) on/off Valve (1/4” NPT)

Electric Solenoids Coil, 100 Series

Although dirty or wet air supply can cause a solenoid valve to fail, most of the time all you need is a new coil when the solenoid fails. Simple to  replace in the field with only two screws in the front, choose the correct voltage

9531 Electric Solenoid Coil Only (24 VDC)
9533 Electric Solenoid Coil Only (110 VAC)
9534 Electric Solenoid Coil Only (220 240 VAC)

Technical Data:

Fluid :

Pressure range :

Lubrication :

Filtration :

Temperature range :

Flow (at 6 bar, ?P=1bar) :

Leak rate :

Coil :

Voltage range :

Power :

Response times :

Compressed air, vacuum, inert gases

Vacuum to 150 PSI

Not required, if used select a medium aniline point lubricant (between
180°F and 210°F)

40 ?

0°F to 140°F (-18°C to 60°C)

0.18 Cv

50 cm3/min

General purpose class A, continuous duty, encapsulated

-15% to +10% of nominal voltage

~Inrush : 14.8 VA Holding : 10.9 VA, = 1 to 17 W

24 VDC (8.5 W) Energize : 7 ms De-energize : 2 ms

Energize : 3-8 ms De-energize : 2-7 ms