Accu-Lube Brass Pumps

ITW has nothing to officially show about the brass pumps as they are considered obsolete older technology. Anyone using the brass pumps runs the danger that one day ITW will stop providing replacement pumps for these systems. Their decision to stop selling parts for the brass pump assemblies is an indicator of this direction. We have a limited stock of parts for the brass pumps

Consider converting to the newer aluminum pump design. They are more efficient, they are easier to adjust and they self prime. Each pump has individual air controls and the pump assembly eliminates many of the fittings and hoses used in the brass pumps. Click the link to the aluminum pumps below for more information

  1. Brass Style Pumps

Pump Stack Assemblies:

Includes top and bottom plate, stanchions, and

9713 Pump Brass 1 Stack Complete Assembly
9714 Pump Brass 2 Stack Complete Assembly
9715 Pump Brass 3 Stack Complete Assembly
9716 Pump Brass 4 Stack Complete Assembly
9717 Pump Brass 5 Stack Complete Assembly
9718 Pump Brass 6 Stack Complete Assembly
9724 Pump Brass 7 Stack Complete Assembly
9725 Pump Brass 8 Stack Complete Assembly

Pump Repair Kit for Brass Style Pumps, Air Side

Part Number: 9721

This rebuild kit contains the parts typically needed to get the air side of the pump working again.  (Note the number one cause of failure of this side of the pump is oily air supply.  If you have oil in your air supply then we recommend a coalescing air filter on the supply air)

Pump Repair Kit for Brass Style Pumps, Liquid

Part Number: 9199

If your pump is leaking oil, this set of o-rings and urethane
check seal, can be replaced and will usually stop the leaking.

Brass Pump Mounting Kit,

Part Number: 9320

(with 2 screws,2 washers, 2 gaskets, 2 hex
sockets (not in photo)

Hex Socket

Part Number: 9287

Used as a plug to close the ports.

Brass Injector Pump,

Part Number: 9300

(Includes: Pump 2 stanchions, 2 pump gaskets)

Pump Kit with no elbow for special connections.

Brass Injector Pump Kit,

Part Number: 9301

(Includes: Pump with
elbow, 2 stanchions, 2 pump gaskets)

Add a pump or have a simple replacement solution on hand ready to
install in a hurry with minimal down time.

Brass Injector Pump Kit for Individual

Part Number: 9719

If your applicator has individual controls then you need the
modified brass pump with the separate air feed.


Part Number: 9303

Pump Gasket Seal, Standard Buna

Part Number: 9304

Elbow 5/32” X 1/4”NPT bottom of pump stack

Part Number: 9337

Elbow 1/8” X 1/8”NPT end of pump

Part Number: 9334

Assembly for oil hose to box for brass pumps

Part Number: 9702

Compression Nut

Part Number: 9253

Compression nut to hold and seal oil tube

Miscellaneous Parts for the Brass Pumps
Keep it simple and stick with the kits and common parts listed above and you should be able to fix any problem you have with your brass pump.  But there are some situations when you only need a certain part.  We don’t have them all but we do have some less common parts listed below.  All these parts are subject to minimum orders and availability and may be discontinued at anytime without notice.
Hex Socket

Part Number: 9287

Used as a plug to close the ports.

U-Cup for Brass Pump

Part Number: 9306

Rubber U Cup for the for the air side of the pump, (included
in the 9721 kit)

O-Ring for U-Cup for Brass Stem

Part Number: 9307

O-ring for U-Cup brass stem, (included in the 9721 kit)

Solid Gasket for Independent Control Brass Pump

Part Number: 9308

Use to isolate the independent control pump from the main air

O-Ring for Brass Pump Piston

Part Number: 9309

Seals around the piston (included in the 9199 kit)


Piston Return Spring

Part Number: 9311

Spring around the piston (included in the 9721 kit)

Piston 1/8″

Part Number: 9312

Piston for the single drop pump (included in the 9721 kit)

Adjustment Assembly

Part Number: 9313

Piston for the single drop pump (included in the 9721 kit)

Check Seal, Standard (Urethane)

Part Number: 9316

Check Seal (included in the 9199 kit)

O-Ring for Adjustment Assembly (#9313)

Part Number: 9327

O-Ring (included with 9313)

O-Ring for Retainer (#9315)

Part Number: 9328


O-Ring for Retainer  or Spacer

Part Number: 9400


Spacer for Brass Pump (1997 to Present)

Part Number: 9401

Brass component which hold the spring and check valve body

Check Seal Body (1997 to Present)

Part Number: 9577

Brass component which holds the check seal

Check Spring (1997 to Present)

Part Number: 9578

Spring next to the check valve

Viton is more resistant to mineral oil and solvent than
standard rubber and buna seal.  Our brass style pumps use buna
seals for the most part, you can order the pumps with viton seals on the
oil side which make them more durable when you use mineral oil.  If
you are using Accu-Lube natural based oil the buna seals are actually
better.  Viton seal versions of the brass pumps and viton seals are
all considered special order and some have minimum order quantities and
are not returnable.
Gasket Seal between Pumps (VITON)

Part Number: 9304V

Viton Gasket for between pump (Special Order Minimum 50 PCS)

O-Ring for Brass Pump Piston (VITON)

Part Number: 9309V

Seals around the piston (Special Order Minimum 50 PCS)

Check Seal (VITON)

Part Number: 9316V

Check Seal (Special Order Minimum 50 PCS)